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Getting started

Where do I find my Registration ID?

How to Download the Floos App?

Why Can't I Download the Floos App?

Ways to Enrol in Floos

How Long is the Enrolment Process?

Why Is My Enrolment Still Pending?

How Can I Register If I Didn't Receive an Invite?

What If My Employer Doesn't Have a Current Partnership With Floos?

About Floos

What is Floos?

How Does Floos Work?

What Is the Cost to Use Floos?

What Are the Benefits of Using Floos?

How Is Floos Connected to My Employer?

Video: How to Use Floos

How Does Floos Affect My Credit Score?

Accessing Wages

How to Access your Wages

How Are My Available Earnings Calculated?

How Quickly Will I Receive My Accessed Wages?

Can I Request an Advance on Future Shifts?

What Are My Maximum Limits?

My Account

How to Log In

How to Reset My Password

I’ve Been Locked out of the Floos App

Why Has My Floos Account Been Disabled?

What Happens When I Resign, or My Account Has Been Disabled?

How Do I Opt Out of Floos?

My Banking

How Do I Change My Banking or Personal Details?

How Can I Check If My Bank Details Are Correct?

Floos Trust

What Personal Data Does Floos Hold or Process on Me?

Why Does Floos Need My Personal Data?

How Does Floos Obtain My Personal Data?

How Long Does Floos Keep My Personal Data For?

How Does Floos Meet Privacy Requirements?

Where Can I Review Floos Policy Documents?