Make any day, pay day

Access your wages whenever you want during the month - It's yours anyway.
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Reduce your financial stress and don’t wait any longer for payday, access your money whenever you want it


Track your earnings

Always stay up-to-date
✔️ See your already earned wages in real time
✔️ Plan better your short-term financial needs

Real-time access to your wages

Access your wages when you want to.
✔️ You choose when and how often you get paid
✔️ Receive requested pay within 2 working days
✔️ Receive up to 50% of your total wage as early payout

Take control over your pay

Why ask for loans, when you can just use your own money? Improve your wellbeing, and reduce financial stress.
✔️ Cover unexpected costs
✔️ No longer rely on friends and family
✔️ Avoid expensive loans

Really easy to get started

Simply download the Floos mobile app
Register within minutes
Request access to your already earned wages
Receive funds and spend as you need

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Floos gives me my financial freedom. I don’t earn a lot and almost all of it I send home to my family. So when something unexpected happens I don’t need to ask anyone else anymore.
Its peace of mind for me. Just knowing that I can access my salary whenever I want gives me so much freedom.
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You can only use the app, if your employer is working with us. We are working hard to get as many employers on board, but it takes time. Let us know that you want to join and we will prioritize accordingly!

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