Improve your employees’ well-being

Starting with enabling them to reach financial independence
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Engage your employees better

Give your employees access to their already earned wages at any time during the month. They can request their wages via our simple-to-use floos app and you can reduce costs.
✔ Improve employees productivity
✔ Reduce employee turnover
✔ Reduce sick days

Financial stress is the number 1 issue of employees in the UAE

of UAE employees are worried that they cannot pay their medical expenses
identified financial stress as the top issue in the workplace
of UAE employees delay necessary health checks
have intentions to change their job in the next 12 months
*global average of 31%
Why should you care?

A financially stable employee is a better employee

Happiness is contagious

and can spread throughout your entire company, transforming the atmosphere of the workplace, making it the best place to work

Employee productivity can increase by 12%

when leadership invests sincerely in promoting happiness and well-being at work

Positive impact on your customers

Significantly increase your customer satisfaction. A happy workforce will have a positive impact on the happiness of customers.

Features that save time

✔ Real-time status updates
✔ Detailed company overview
✔ Employee payment insights
✔ ️Flexible payment parameters
✔ Automated salary advance


General Manager - Hotel
Our increased retention rate is such a relieve on the HR team. But the best thing: our guests are also much happier.
CHRO - Retail
Floos has had a tremendous impact on our employees’ productivity. They get an overview of what they already earned this week, this gives them intention to work extra shifts.

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